Writings on Money and Economy (2000-2018)

Compiled for a special part-issue on my work of the Revista Sociologia & Antropologia Rio de Janeiro, 2019.


Published books and articles

  1. The Memory Bank: money in an unequal world, Profile Books, London, ix, 340p. Re-published 2001 as Money in an Unequal World: Keith Hart and his memory bank, Texere, New York and London, ix, 341p. Available online at https://thememorybank.co.uk/book/

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2002b. World society as an old regime, in C. Shore and S. Nugent (eds) Elite Cultures: anthropological perspectives, Routledge, London, 22-36. https://thememorybank.co.uk/papers/world-society-as-an-old-regime/

2002c. Anthropologists and development, Norsk Antropologisk Tijdskrift 13. 1-2, 14-21.

2002d. Quelques confidences sur l’anthropologie du développement, ethnographiques.org No. 2 Nov., http://www.ethnographiques.org/2002/Hart.html

2004a. Towards a global green currency, Ecology & Farming (June-August).  Available online at https://thememorybank.co.uk/2004/09/15/organic-trade-towards-a-global-green-currency/.

2004b. Notes towards an anthropology of the internet, Horizontes Antropologicos 10. 2: 15-40.

2004c. The political economy of food in an unequal world, in M Lien and B. Nerlich (eds) Politics of Food, Berg, Oxford, 199-220. https://thememorybank.co.uk/papers/the-political-economy-of-food/

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  1. The human economy, ASAonline.
  2. (With H. Ortiz) Anthropology in the financial crisis, Anthropology Today 24.6 1-3.

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  1. (Editor with C. Hann) Market and Society: The Great Transformation Today, Cambridge University Press.

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2011a. Money as a form of religious life. Religion and Society: Advances in Research 1: 156–63.

2011b. The financial crisis and the end of all-purpose money, Economic Sociology: the European Electronic Newsletter 12.2 4-10.

2011c. Building the human economy: a question of value? Suomen Antropologi: Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society 36(2): 5-17

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2015a. (Editor) Economy For and Against Democracy, Berghahn, New York.

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  1. Market fundamentalism at the crossroads, Cultural Anthropology (November).
  1. (With R. Kaur and J. Comaroff) Southern Futures: Thinking through emerging markets, Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East 38.2:365-376

Unpublished papers at https://universitypretoria.academia.edu/KeithHart/Drafts


Africa’s Old Regimes are ripe for liberal revolution

Exchange in a human economy

Free trade and protection

Informal economy, the Great Transformation and the humanity of corporations

Informality and international trade: the case for an African customs union

Learning about money

Money in the making of a human economy: beyond national capitalism

Movement as a human right

My experience of the development industry in the 1970s

Polanyi, Marx and double movement then and now

Preface to the coming world crisis

Private property and the corporations

Religion and economy

Taking the human economy idea forward on a broader basis

The euro crisis: an episode in the global history of money

The real economy: the challenge of dialectical method

What might an anthropology of the internet look like?


Unpublished papers at https://thememorybank.co.uk

 A conversation with Dave Birch about the future of money

A short history of economic anthropology

A tale of two currencies: the euro and the Argentinian peso

African enterprise and the informal economy

Alternative currencies at Limehouse 2005


Between slavery and emancipation in West Africa

Building economic democracy with community currencies

Building the human economy

Cambridge lecture on international development (2009 video)

Capitalism: making money with money

Capitalism: the political economy of development

Globalization from below: the world’s other economy (new preface)

Iceland’s revenge

IE + IT = ED

In Rousseau’s footsteps: David Graeber and the anthropology of unequal society

Informality: problem or solution?

Intangible money matters

Intellectual property

Jack Goody’s vision of world history and African development today

Kinship, contract and trust

Manifesto for a human economy

Marx between Mill, Mayhew and Dickens

Mediation and memory in the theory of money

Money and anthropology: object, theory and method

Money is always social, global and virtual

On commoditization: exchange in the human economy

Opening anthropology: an interview with Keith Hart

Peopled economies

Studying world society as a vocation

The African revolution: development in the 21st century world

The changing character of money

The future of money and the market

The Hit Man’s Dilemma (lite)

The hope and reality of money

The informal economy: a story of ethnography untold

The limits of naivety for the study of money

The machine revolution today

The market from a humanist point of view

The origins of money: cows and shells

The politics, pragmatics and promise of money

The privatization of public interests

The urban informal economy in retrospect

Two lectures on African development

Two pieces on money for a Japanese magazine

Varieties of community currency

Varieties of national economy

Waiting for emancipation: the prospects for liberal revolution in Africa

West Africa’s political economy: a regional history





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