Keith Hart’s improvised Cambridge tour in 7 webisodes

An archaeology of intellectual revolution.

An improvisation from memory shot in a single take by Ricardo Leizaola on 25th February 2009 and edited by him. Spot the undeliberate errors.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

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  • Very interesting, nicely cut with the extracts from the lecture and with a good message I think.

    As you note in the video, there are a number of errors, which I guess is natural when you’re speaking off the cuff. One or two are more serious than others, although there’s probably nothing that jeapordises the main messages about innovation etc. I don’t know whether it would be useful to flag up some of the errors, or if you are already aware of them and therefore it would just seem pedantic?

    Anyway, thanks for putting these videos up, an enjoyable tour.

    • Thanks, Richard. I wanted to flag that this was not intended as a film of record, since it was not researched, was recorded in one take lasting about three hours in total, did not go through the tedious process of seeking permission and was subsequently edited mainly for style. None of the errors affect the substance of the film in my view and to point them out in detail would be pedantic on my part. I am happy for comments identifying errors to be posted here by others. To kick off, the building that closes off Downing’s main court is Chemistry, not Engineering.

      This film, shot and edited by Ricardo Leizaola, is one of many made by him over a period of several years since we were colleagues at Goldsmiths. Taken together, they are intended to offer some insight into my intellectual journey. Many are improvised lectures, avaliable on this website or at arepatv on YouTube, including the one on international development which was given the day before this shoot. I suspect that Ricardo could better justify this enterprise than I; but it is an ongoing collaboration for sure.

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