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Responsibility in finance

Is it possible to institute a moral politics, moral law or moral economics that would help most people to humanise the impersonal social forces that govern their lives? This question does not come to us out of nowhere and certainly not just in the circumstances of the recent financial crisis. It concerns the possibility of… Read More »

The collapse of national capitalism: a Sophoclean tragedy

The global economic crisis is not merely financial, a moment in the historical cycle of credit and debt. The removal of political controls over money in recent decades has led to a situation where politics is still mainly national, but the money circuit is global and lawless. Events since 2008 should be seen as the… Read More »

On profit and rent in the history of capitalism

A letter to Ed Philips on nettime in the thread, Debt Campaign Launch, 10th December 2011. Well, Ed, that was worth waiting for, as Brian said. It may seem churlish, after your generous remarks, to harp on the one point of apparent difference between us, but I do so because, while I share many of… Read More »

A conversation with Dave Birch about the future of money

In March 2011, I attended the annual Digital Money Forum organized by David Birch of Consult Hyperion in London. At some point Dave and I recorded this exchange as a podcast in the Tomorrow’s Transactions series. Tweet This Post

The Origins of Money: 1. Cows and Shells

BBC Radio 3 talk by me    (15 minutes)     13 June 2011, 22: 45 Listen here The written text may be found below, but look at this description by the producer: “Money. You don’t know where it’s been, But you put it where your mouth is. And it talks.” (Money, by Dana Gioia) The… Read More »

The ethnography of finance and the history of money

Abstract Marcel Mauss was a prolific financial journalist, writing about the exchange rate crisis of 1922-24 at the same time as he was writing The Gift; but he kept them in separate compartments and economic anthropologists have been content to ignore his political writings. The recent emergence of the ethnographic study of finance promises to… Read More »